Green CRM does your business measure up?

August 29th, 2014

Many small business owners are aware of the effects their businesses practices are contributing to climate change. As a result they are striving to reduce the amount of waste, consumption and pollution their company generates and we are no exception.

We are committed to operating a green business and we do this by being part of the online service providers booming in the today’s technology industry.

Running a business using online services is a powerful way to support green causes:

  • Everything in the cloud reduces down the amount of paper and pen activity for a start
  • Uploading and downloading files online makes the old fashioned filing systems redundant
  • Online CRM systems and VoIP telephony reduce carbon footprint dramatically with the upsurge of remote or home workers who can stay connected to their team/office.
  • Meetings and training can all be done online using screen share tools and conference lines
  • Data can now be accessed from anywhere on any device, PC, Mac, Mobile and Tablet

We understand and realise the importance of ensuring a sustainable future and are dedicated to helping our planet for all future generations to come. Is your business doing enough?


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